Dog Viciously Attacks 9 Year Old Boy While He Waits for the School Bus

When a nine-year-old Philly boy walked down the driveway with his sister to wait for the school bus, he never dreamt the dramatic turn his life was about to take. At 6:30 am, California police were called to the Diamond Street address when the boy was brutally bitten by a dog. The attack was violent enough that the boy’s neighbors had to use both a chair and shovel to urge the animal away from the children. The fled to a nearby porch when the neighbors went after it.

The mother was alerted to trouble when she heard her children screaming. “I came to the window and I see that there is a dog chasing them.”

At the moment, no one is sure who the dog belongs to. It’s not one anyone remembers hanging around the neighborhood. Until the owners come forward, California animal control has taken control of the animal.


“We’re conditioned to think that dogs are kind, gentle animals. The best friend a human can have,” personal injury attorney Drew Warren stated when he learned of the incident. “While a majority of dogs are trustworthy and wouldn’t dream of attacking a child, there are exceptions, and when something like this happens, the animal’s owners need to understand that they’re the ones responsible for the victim.”
Dog bites aren’t uncommon around the California are, and children are generally more likely to be bitten than adults. Partly because children don’t always recognize signs that the animal isn’t comfortable with their attention, and sometimes because they’ve always been told that animals are friendly and they simply can’t grasp the concept that one isn’t. This is one of the reasons that leash laws are so important. Not only do they prevent the dog from running into the street and getting hit, they also make it possible for the dog owner to control the animal and make sure it doesn’t get close enough to anyone to bite them.

The problem with dog bites is that not only do they hurt, they can also be fatal, especially to a small child. Even a bite that doesn’t seem bad can become infected, putting the child’s life at risk.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, the first thing you need to do is contact both the local police and the local hospital. The police will make sure the dog gets caught before it can harm anyone else and start the process of tracking own the owner. The medical facility will clean and stitch the wounds.

If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, you are legally allowed to file a birth injury lawyer claim against the dog’s owner. Once the claim has been filed, the case will enter the negotiation stage where the terms and amount of a settlement will be discussed. If a settlement can’t be agreed upon, the matter will go to court.

The amount of the settlement should not only cover the medical expenses connected to the bite, but also pain and suffering, as well as lost wages.