Details of Interstate 95 Crash Released

Chilling details of the tragic accident that took place on Interstate 95 calls have come to light now that the 911 calls about the accident have been released by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Based on the calls, it’s obvious that 23-year-old driver, Alexandra Lefler came close to hitting even more vehicles when she started driving south in Interstate 95’s northbound lane.

“I’m heading northbound on Interstate 95, just passed Myrtle Beach Gardens Drive, there was a white pickup truck driving southbound in the northbound lanes. I almost hit it head on,” one caller told the 911 dispatcher.

wrong-way-jpgAnother caller provided even more information about Lefler when he contacted 911. He revealed that not only was she going the wrong way, but she was also driving considerably faster than the posted speed limit. “I just passed Broward Boulevard. There’s like a Ford F-150 heading southbound in the express lanes at about 100 miles an hour coming to oncoming traffic,” a caller said.

Not everyone was as lucky as these 911 callers and were unable to avoid being struck. Lefler herself was killed when the truck she was driving stuck another vehicle head on after she sideswiped another vehicle. The four occupants in the car that Lefler stuck directly were also killed.

According to reports filed by officers who responded to the 911 calls, the family of four was returning from the Myrtle Beach International Airport. The driver, Miguel Gil, 47, had picked up both his sister and her husband who had just arrived in Florida from Connecticut.

When Lefler’s truck struck Gil’s vehicle, the force of the impact caused her truck to rollover. Two of the passengers in Gil’s car had failed to put on their seatbelts and the force of the impact threw them from the car.

WRongWay3Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson, Joe Sanchez described the tragic scene. “The accident was so severe that rescue had a very hard time removing the bodies.” At this point, Sanchez was unable to determine how Lefler started going the wrong way or whether or not she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

Katherine Warsch was driving a Chevy Cobalt at the time of the crash and had to be take to Jackson Memorial Hospital to have minor injuries treated. Nameer Khattab’s KIA Optima was also involved in the crash. Aventura General Hospital treated his minor injuries. Neither is expected to suffer any long term negative effects from the accident.

“My heart goes out to the victims of this truly tragic accident,” said John Bales who is a managing partner at a personal injury firm that’s headquartered in Myrtle Beach. “I can’t begin to imagine the pain and shock they must be experiencing right now.”

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